About Us

     Niuie was established for individuals in search of good tasting, healthy plant based sweets made with all natural organic ingredients. We are committed to making the healthiest and best tasting cookies available for individuals who realize the important benefits of eating clean wholesome food.  

Clean Baking

     All our baked goods at Niuie are made with you in mind. Good stuff tastes better, and with that in knowledge, we use only the cleanest, best ingredients possible including fresh lemon zest in our lemon cookies. From Gluten-Free to Refined Sugar- free, we have cookies that will meet any dietary need.

     Everything we make is vegan, organic, non-GMO, and using fair trade ingredients. Not Vegan? Not sure what it means to have a Vegan cookie? No problem!

     Vegan simply means there are no animal products or bi-products of any kind; no milk, no eggs, no butter. We use 11 ingredients or less in each small batch we bake, all of which are whole, natural ingredients that you can pronounce. 


Check out the back of our labels to see what we mean!


What are you waiting for? Come try something Niuie today!